Selling to people other than your friend, family and colleagues Success Workshop

I left feeling more postive about what I need to do and very clear that I can in fact just get on and do it and stop procrastinating.

I can see now that marketing is not scary and aggressive, it is about getting the word out, giving good service, helping others and being a nice person!

Absolutely will use today’s content

Very positive session; as alwys just love picking up ideas that are thrown about

Definitely going to research all the things on my list!

Learning how to use social medai was interesting and made me realise it is easier than I thought.

Blogging Success Workshop

delivered by Tim Wilson of Creative Knowledge

Can see the value of Facebook and would like to learn even more

Setting up Hootsuite!

Another great workshop – always useful

Blogging Success Workshop

delivered by Tim Wilson of Creative Knowledge

  • Not as difficult as it appears
  • Great event
  • All helpful
  • Great confidence booster
  • Learning what others have experienced is helpful too
  • Really enjoy these workshops

How likely are you to use the contents of today’s event in your work?

Going away to set blog up right away

I learnt about the alternatives to WordPress

Very likely. Want to set up the blog  I started (or  new one)

Definitely. Will get the blog going

I need to devote more time to my project by just getting on with it

Websites & Domains Success Workshop

delivered by Tim Wilson of Creative Knowledge

  • The workshop moved at a good pace and I got what I wanted out of it
  • The workshop made the subject understandable
  • Informative and pitched at the right level. Very approachable trainer
  • Relaxed and friendly but not crowded. Felt OK to ask questions.
  • Not too technical
  • A lot of website design and setting up can be done for free. Promotion, promotion, promotion using a variety of sources and means. Taking the plunge is not as difficult as anticipated.

How likely are you to use the contents of today’s event in your work?

  • Very likely.  I’m working towards setting up a website for on-line sales.
  • [I’m going] To look at domain names and set up next steps
  • The workshop will support me further (in terms of understanding) to move further in setting up a website
  • Likely. It’s given me more confidence in getting started on-line.
  • Very likely! Set up domain name, set hosting company, set theme, set up Facebook & Twitter, blog on other people’s blogs, start blogging!

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