Vintage Festival

This is the low down from the 1970s themed Vintage Festival we organised:


pineapple upside down cake*Dream Topping*Battenberg cake*Neapolitan ice cream*chocolate chip ice cream*Angel Delight*Arctic Roll*Banjo Bars*vol au vont*avocado*prawn cocktail*lasagne*devils eggs*twiglets*cheese on sticks*everything on stick*mint cracknel*soda stream*coronation chicken*spaghetti Bolognese*fondant fancies*lime cordial*fondue*angel cake*Curly Wurly*cheese straws*chicken chasseur*pork luncheon meat*Carnation/Tip Top milk*banana split*Baby Cham*Pink Lady*Lazy Susan*macaroni cheese*peaches & cream*Bentos*Camp coffee

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